Inter-things: Draft 1

Design Seminar 1//

This is the first draft of thinking about how objects in our lives relate to one another and influence us. Basically. This is just a starting point and my final will include a lot more of the interaction.

At first I started with the area rug in my room because I am always so aware of its presence in dividing my room. I find the carpet in my apartment pretty gross, so I use my rug as a sanctuary in my room where I can walk bare foot. I feel like I have to take of my shoes before stepping onto it whereas I wear my shoes every where else in the house.

Project1-01But then I realize it’s interaction is pretty limited because it I don’t really use the rug as part of a practice and it also doesn’t move into different spaces of my life. So I switched to my glass water bottle which I also purchased and use very intentionally:



Still not extensive, but it’s well on it’s way! I’m pretty excited to work on this more and really draw out the concepts we learned in class. Stay tune, folks!


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