Prototyping: Every day task…of shopping


Project 1 Final:

When we last left of you were on the edge of your seats to see what every day task I would choose to make your task flow…well folks, you’re in for a real treat!

We had just started going around the room to present tasks and I felt pretty good about my reasons for get wanting to create a recycling app, even if it had already manifested on the bloated app market. While listening to the other people, I my mind was jogged into thinkings about things that annoyed me throughout the day, that frustrated me. Things that I wanted help with.

Shopping. Informed shopping.

Hear me out:

I’m not a health nut, but I’m starting to kind of feel like you have to be in order to eat even remotely healthy foods. After living in Colorado, everyone was about healthy lifestyles, food & exercise. Greek yogurt and quinoa flew off the shelves before the packages could even settle. You were told this and that, everyone was putting beans on stuff as a protein substitute when they weren’t using ground turkey…it was intense. I picked up some things and learned about other stuff which added to the things about food I already knew. I tried to avoid GMOs, if I drank milk, I would avoid milk that used hormones in the process (rBST). Eventually when I saw this list of 8 foods banned in other countries that are still used in the US I was like “Alright, why is it so hard to find food that isn’t slowly going to kill me?” I was really frustrated and I distinctly remember a few months ago standing in the grocery story with my friends trying to find cereal without potassium bromate. Anyway, it was hard.

So above you can see the finished task flow for how I personally go shopping. I want to iterate that I’m not the most food-conscious person you’ll ever meet, I’m just trying to make better food choices when I can. So yes, sometimes that means being cheap and not always getting the super organic alternative.

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