Studio II // A world with a billion sensors…


Studio II is a sponsored project by Microsoft for us all to explore potential problems or react to future technology…and this semester our prompt was to react to a world with a billion sensors:

In our daily lives we encounter sensors all the time, like when a motion sensor turns a light on in a dark place, or when a carbon monoxide detector tell us that the air is becoming hazardous. Sensors extend our abilities to see, hear, and feel far beyond what we ourselves can take in – from arrays of telescopes sensing the edges of the universe to nano-scale biological sensors amplifying our own sense of smell.

In a world with a billion sensors, how will we make sense of it all?
How will sensors change the way we perceive not only our environment but ourselves and others? How will sensors change the way we live and work? What interfaces, services, devices and experiences will be necessary to make sense of it all and avoid sensory overload?

What are key problems this data can be used to help solve, what new troubles can we anticipate it creates?

Our class split into four groups to tackle the problem and we’re actually keeping track of our progress on group & individual blogs.

Check what my group is working on:

The Joneses

Or, see what I’m doing and thinking:

Jacklynn Thinks…

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